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I've had 100, 224, 250, 302, and 353. PSYC 230, slept during lecture, never studied, got an A+. psyc 144 100000%. Psych 358. Really good professor who puts a lot of effort into the material with decent EC opportunity.any 8 week online gen ed should be very easy as long as you meet the deadlines. for most classes, all you do is write a discussion post once a week, respond to a few posts, and …Take 402. Really straight forward and easy. If you want a little challenge take 453. I am not a math major, but I think 415 (applied linear algebra) was a pretty easy class as well as very applicable to a lot of other classes (physics and CS) I've had here at UIUC. I've already taken linear algebra. 412 was amazing.

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Easy Western Culture course options. Sophomore here, about to register for fall classes. Looking at a pretty busy next semester, need a class to fulfill the Western Culture requirement. There are about a million options. The only one I recognized was a Companion Animals in Society class. I've heard its boring/depressing since all you talk about ...Probably 5 hours a week max and that is if you're actually doing stuff rather than quizlet-ing everything) ACE 240 (3 hours, 8 weeks, pretty useful, relatively low work, Professor is pretty nice) NPRE 402 (4 credit hours, took it last semester, did absolutely jack shit, aced literally everything). Astr 330 (3 credit hours I think, similar ... Go to UIUC. r/UIUC. r/UIUC. This subreddit is for anyone/anything related to UIUC. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome. Given the lack of a regional subreddit, it also covers most things in the Champaign-Urbana area. This subreddit is not sponsored or endorsed by the University of Illinois or any other on-campus group. Both were good classes and “easy” A’s for me.</p> <p>Don’t trust the course catalog. One semester, I tried to pick an easy A by taking a Speech Communication class that addressed (according to the catalog) “societal communication evolution traced through the growth of Rock and Roll” or something like that. (“Whoa, dude!

Schmolik64. • 7 mo. ago. According to the Gen Ed rules, it looks like you are allowed to take two Quant 1 courses to fullfill Quant, "If you entered college as a freshman in Fall 2002 or later, you must complete both Quantitative Reasoning I (QR1) and Quantitative Reasoning II (QR2) courses in order to graduate.It doesn't have to be a particularly easy class, just one that won't make me put my head through a wall out of boredom. PHYS 280 is fairly easy and talks about nuclear arms control. (Really no required physics background) TSM 311 is pretty interesting and has good professors.HIST 101 History Now! credit: 3 Hours. Teaches students how to apply historical thinking to present day problems. Each version starts with contemporary headlines about a current issue, moves to an investigation of its historical roots and legacies, and pivots back to the present to assess the impact of past history on present reality and to capture those relationships in a collaborative ...Easiest possible online humanities/cultural studies class possible. Sup, I'm a UIUC student, and I have to fulfill a requirement for cultural studies/humanities. I really don't care about the content, I am just looking for the easiest course I could possibly take to fulfill this requirement. I want an online course that has no exams and is so ...Study the subjects you love, earn a top education, and be set for lifelong success. Choosing a major in the humanities will help you reach your goals. You'll grow into an informed, versatile individual while exploring many paths and your specific passions. You'll learn in an inspiring environment from faculty who are experts in their fields.

Easiest Campus Humanities and the Arts: MACS 100 and THEA 101 online. Source: I took them and they were a breeze. MACS 100 may have changed but THEA 101 is still pretty simple so long as you just do the work. Just a side note: I speak Hindi, but I saw that I wouldn't get credit for courses in my native language.There's a game of thrones course (CWL 199) which im planning on taking and it seems cool. There's also FSHN 175, which is online asynchronous but I think they teach how to make your own yogurt and beer which seems really fun. There's also the KIN 104/109 courses where you can ice skate or play a team sport like basketball/volleyball. ….

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RLST 108/109 with Rosenstock are really easy, he doesn't believe in giving low grades and the tests have multiple correct answers. For SBS: PSYC 100 (section x) - Taking it with Srull is the only way to take PSYC 100, easy class; like most PSYC courses, there is subject pool extra credit available. SOC 100 - mostly common sense.Wednesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: (630) 942-2626 Email: [email protected] Chat: Chat Online. Walk-in appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis for a 15-minute meeting. Students who need more time can schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with their ...

Dropping one of my classes so I have some room in my schedule. Realized I still need a non-western to finish up my Gen Eds and might as well knock it out this semester. Do you guys have any recommendations for an easy 8-week non-western in the second half of the fall semester that I can take? Sorry if this has been posted before lol.Senior looking for easy A Gen Ed courses. I need easy A Gen Ed courses, preferably online but in-person works too. Heres the type of Gen Eds I need: Science. Art/Lit (Humanities 200 level) NonWestern. Throw some detail in your suggestions so others who see the post can get an idea of the class/coursework too! Thank you.Communications. I personally think econ is the easiest depending on your definition of "easy". Most econ classes after the 100 level are 100% test weighted. Meaning you can never go to class and never do a minute of homework and just take a couple tests and you are done.

quick suggestion crossword This subreddit is for anyone/anything related to UIUC. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome. Given the lack of a regional subreddit, it also covers most things in the Champaign-Urbana area. This subreddit is not sponsored or endorsed by the University of Illinois or any other on-campus group. georgetown university interview questionsfulton industrial boulevard atlanta georgia Classes. Every course you take at UIUC has the potential to enhance your perspective and renew your purpose. You may even discover a career path you never expected! Teacher's Pet. In Companion Animal Management, students learn how to best care for animals commonly kept as pets. This includes Carmen and Milo, two of the class's most frequent …It’s a list of (what I deem) the easiest classes at the University of Illinois. Anthropology 101. The easy nature of this class is reflected in the course level. By far one of the easiest ... latto boyfriend I think you've cited the "Spring 2018 and prior" requirements, which only required 6hrs/2 courses. Def go for things that fulfill multiple requirements: eg Humanities + Culture, etc. PS - this will help determining relative "ease" of courses: Take ECE 391 or 385 for ez gened credit. Highly recommend! murfreesboro schools closingdanbury showtimesedward ip suffered from serious kidney disease Go to UIUC. r/UIUC. r/UIUC. This subreddit is for anyone/anything related to UIUC. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome. Given the lack of a regional … promo code for aquarium gatlinburg Easy Natural Science and Technology Classes/ Astr 100. What are some easy Natural Science and Technology classes other than ATMS 120, also has anyone taken ASTR 100 online or in person? How is it, is the online version an easy A? FSHN 120. Your submission seems to be class/schedule-related. If so, please post your question in the schedule ...Nuclear weapons and arms control. I can't guarantee an A, but I can say it was the single easiest class I took in four years. btw 250. JOUR 200 - No assignments over 750 words. Not PHYS 419. CWL 241. TSM 311. PLPA 200 - you get three tries on each of your essays. Plus it was reasonably interesting material. bemidji jail rostereverest nmryobi pressure washer 2300 psi manual Luckily at UIUC for CS its easy to get exempt from the writing requirement and the gen ed requirements can be filled by certain really easy classes that just throw As at the students. Since UIUC is a huge state school, unlike Harvard, there are some gen ed classes at this school that are just laughably easy. ...